Great lesson by Professional Jazz Guitarist

I give lessons for people who want to improvise, join jam sessions, play chords with melody, know about jazz guitar, and sing while playing guitar or so on.


My students are various ages such as teens and 60’s.
Some of them can improvise very well but are taking lessons to absorb Barney Kessel’s style from me. Other student had stopped playing because they couldn’t play F chord but now they enjoy playing the guitar.
Some students listened to my music through iTunes or YouTube and now are taking lessons from overseas.
My lessons are all private so you can keep playing at your own pace.
I would be honored to share the joy of playing the guitar with you.

Tokyo, vicinity surrounding Tokyo. Otherwise, it would be skype lesson.
(Travel expenses required at your home or studio)

Admission fee is fee
2 hours 80 dollars (student: 70 dollars)
1 hour 50 dollars (student: 40 dollars)

Most people are taking 2 lessons per month but it is up to you.
Lesson of the day is when it is convenient for both of us.


・Music sheet
・Voice recorder, video camera or smartphone(to review the lesson at your home)

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me.

【Reference Sound Source】2nd Album "Stompin’ At The Fair" produced by What's New records