Jazz guitar concert at Juhla Tokyo!

Jazz guitarist Hirofumi Asaba performed with Jazz bassist Nobuyuki Yano at Juhla Tokyo.
The live stream concert was held with no spectators with the concept "Make a bright tomorrow".
This time, we invited Nobuyuki Yano as a bassist who plays with Jazz Guitarist Hirofumi Asaba in Asaba Trio.
This great guitar and bass duo are enjoyable for even people who are not interested in Jazz music.
The video was shot by Jazz drummer Atsuki Takizawa who is also well-known video creator.
This work also includes their both interviews with English subtitle and we hope you enjoy them too.

Guitar Hirofumi Asaba
Bass  Nobuyuki Yano
Director Atsuki Takizawa

Song list

  • Barney's Blues
  • St.Thomas
  • There will never be another you
  • Artillerie Lourde
  • Polkadots and moonbeams